Are paper coupons going away?

And it's a deliberate fade. Everyone, from manufacturers to retailers to restaurants, has actually withdrawn from printed coupons.

Are paper coupons going away?

And it's a deliberate fade. Everyone, from manufacturers to retailers to restaurants, has actually withdrawn from printed coupons. It's no secret that coupons have changed A LOT in the past 10+ years, most notably the adoption of digital coupons and redemption programs. Boal said that back in 1998, he expected 20% of newspaper coupons to go digital within five years.

Instead, it took 20 years to reach that figure, driven by the decline in the number of newspaper subscriptions. Many stores stopped accepting paper coupons in the wake of the virus, and many of the coupons are wondering if and when will “normality” resume. Major food manufacturers are abandoning newspaper inserts and, in some cases, printable coupons as well. As ECR insiders gather this week in Chicago for the Joint Industry Conference on Efficient Consumer Response, the new emerging issue of the future of paper coupons, or lack thereof, is likely to be the most important thing.

Certainly, P%26G has the means, if any company does, to test the strategy of phasing out coupons from a market here and there, while at the same time testing one or another marketing technique in an attempt to offset any perception of value customers have about coupons. Sooner or later, P%26G will find that downplaying coupons is a good idea, or else P%26G will hit the wall. What are some of these obstructions? It doesn't matter if P%26G is the biggest promoter, he's not alone in the promotion world. Therefore, even as P%26G moves towards rational coupon reduction, and even if some other top-tier manufacturers follow suit, a large number of second- and third-tier players, and others, are likely to see the situation as a growing gap in which they will launch improved coupon activities.

And they will point out this differentiation to consumers. I also learned that sales are cyclical. Almost everything goes on sale at the grocery store every 6-8 weeks. If something isn't on sale this week, wait a few weeks and it will be.

How many older ladies do you think will use digital? , when they have to go to all the sites to download sorry not many and older women are their coupon buyers, You did this once and then came back to them. Printing paper coupons will probably cost more than offering them digitally, not to mention wasted paper. The number of coupon inserts varies by region, so the number of coupon inserts you receive may differ from the number shown below. As silly as it sounds, even if the item was on final sale for only 50 cents and was something I used on a daily basis, I couldn't justify buying it because of the guilt I put on for not using a coupon.

And then check back in about a year and a half, to see if the long-predicted death of paper coupons comes true this time. I also started making coupons again when I realized that I could use coupons to help me maximize my donations to a local women's and children's shelter. I had a big folder like this one full of coupons, organized with dividers and baseball card holders. HyVee: If a company already has a lot of traffic on the site, hosting digital coupons there can work well.

The company built its business with printed coupons, but it has since gone in a more digital direction, and would be thrilled if everyone else did too. And that was almost the extent of the “growing number of retailers that no longer accepted paper coupons.”. I've tried using coupons in the past, but I never had the organization or time to review them, and then find the right ones when I went to the store. Procter %26 Gamble and Unilever still offer their own Sunday coupon inserts, plus printable coupons.

Two regional grocery delivery services, Peapod, owned by Ahold Delhaize, and Pennsylvania-based Weis, said they would no longer accept paper coupons for delivery orders, which few grocery delivery services do anyway. A smart company would continue to make both digital and paper coupons until those who didn't grow up in the digital age die. . .

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